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Moto Power Patalos | Motorcycle Workshop Heraklion Crete


At the "Moto Power Patalos" motorcycle workshop located in the Red Tower of Heraklion, your safety and excellent service are always at the center of our interest. That's why we always make sure to provide you with high-level, prompt and thorough service in every job you want us to do on your motorcycle.

With a love for motorcycles and having a modern workshop with innovative control and diagnostic systems, we can take care of the perfect repair of even the most difficult damage that may have occurred on your motorcycle

  Motorcycle service
  Motorcycle repairs
  Motorcycle improvements
  Fitting accessories
  Tires - Alignment
  Electronic diagnosis of motorcycles
  Cleaning and injection control
  Preparation for K.T.E.O.
  Preparing motorcycles to participate in dragster races
  All kinds of hangups

is always close to you and ready to take care of your perfect service, while never ceasing to be informed about new technologies and developments in the field of motorcycles.

We faithfully follow the manufacturer's instructions for the time and method of service and we only use spare parts approved by the manufacturer or equivalent or superior quality from third-party manufacturers.

Thanks to our long history in the field of motorcycles, we are able to give you the best technical support advice, as well as the best solutions for any problem that may arise regarding your motorcycle, always with your personal safety and your own needs in mind .

Contact us to book your appointment or stop by our motorcycle workshop in Red Tower of Heraklion and be sure to receive prompt and proper service.